The Cost of Doing Business

Good old Meta. You’d like to think that after all their previous issues with data privacy, they would sail a bit more carefully, but I guess when this stuff is baked into your DNA because it’s how you actually make money, then it’s exactly what you would expect. Unfortunately, I don’t think $20m is actually… Continue reading The Cost of Doing Business

Metaverse Musings

I love innovation and technology, so I tend to be generally optimistic about new ideas. But, anyone who knows me well would acknowledge that I was sceptical about the metaverse stuff right from the beginning. I was hearing all sorts of crazy predictions from consulting firms, Gartner, social media, everywhere… metaverse this, metaverse that… but… Continue reading Metaverse Musings

John Goodenough… Legend

Clearly a name that everybody should be VERY familiar with and yet somehow he’s sailed under the radar for most. John Goodenough. Another great leaves us.


Kind of sad, but XKCD nails it again… 😂

Sometimes the old ways…

This is a really insightful article which I think articulates some important ideas about the real value of technology very nicely, especially when we consider the potential impact of things like ChatGPT. Strangely, it got me thinking about the value of “good old fashioned” approaches which we’ve often shelved a little too quickly in the… Continue reading Sometimes the old ways…

Tick Tock… Boom

This article makes a great point. When legislators clearly don’t seem to have any understanding of the technology they want to regulate, they sound stupid and are hard to take seriously. Australia is not immune – I’ve read and heard some doofus comments by key government people on cybersecurity recently that make me cringe because… Continue reading Tick Tock… Boom

Productivity defined. Wow.

I’m always in admiration of highly productive (as opposed to just busy) people. Riemann was insanely prolific for a guy who died relatively young and laid the groundwork for much modern maths and physics which followed. Can you imagine what the list would have looked like if he had made it to 80?!

Get your ChatGPT game on

A lot of people have naturally been giving ChatGPT a go with varying results. What becomes quickly obvious is that the quality of your prompt/question to the tool heavily determines the quality of the response. For those of you struggling, here’s a tip I picked up along the way… simply get ChatGPT to coach you… Continue reading Get your ChatGPT game on