This is a repository of my thinking about a range of topics. It might be described as eclectic at points.

This space focuses on the importance and relevance of philosophy to everyday life. It hopefully brings philosophy out of the academic enclave and makes it real and relevant for regular people. I am not an academic theoriser. I am an experienced leader, technologist, ethicist, and culture-builder in the real world. I think that philosophy should be more than just obscure words and fanciful hypotheticals. In my world, I want it to be real.

I’m a senior executive leading a technology group in a complex business. You can find out more specifics about me by checking out my LinkedIn profile. I get to explore a lot of cool tech, with a special interest in AI going back to my undergrad days in maths and computer science. But mostly I lead and build teams, shape culture, and ponder the role of ethics in the modern business world. I sit on some Boards and Advisory groups. I coach and mentor the next generation of leaders. I love teaching and communicating, and I consider myself a life-long learner. I’m very curious about many things. I write and I speak at various events nationally and globally.

This public journal is also a place where hopefully little thoughts become big ideas at the intersection of leadership, ethics, technology, cybersecurity, culture, politics, science, mathematics, language, and philosophy. I find that I learn the most when I talk or write things out, so this is my little corner for pulling my thoughts together and making sense of my world.