Taking “full” responsibility?

I have to admit that I find it difficult to process the idea of people who “take full responsibility” for things going wrong with no consequences at all attached. Is that really taking responsibility?

It used to be you’d lose your job, maybe resign, or face some other kind of pain if you were responsible but nowadays, whether it’s politics or business, people take full responsibility whilst barely missing a beat.

I remember once fronting up to a boss to take responsibility for a terrible mistake one of my people had made under my watch and I fully expected to be on my bike. He graciously gave me a second chance but I was not expecting that.

But, take a close look every time you hear that phrase in the media these days and you’ll almost always find that it means nothing at all.

To quote one of my favourite lines from one of favourite movies… that word you are using, I do not think it means what you think it means…