Get your ChatGPT game on

A lot of people have naturally been giving ChatGPT a go with varying results. What becomes quickly obvious is that the quality of your prompt/question to the tool heavily determines the quality of the response. For those of you struggling, here’s a tip I picked up along the way… simply get ChatGPT to coach you by cutting and pasting this into the prompt section and iterate until you’ve got something that looks on the money. Tell ChatGPT you’re done and then use that prompt you’ve developed together:

“Become my Prompt Creator to help craft the ideal prompt for ChatGPT. Follow these steps: 1. Ask for the prompt topic. 2. Create 3 sections: a) Revised prompt, b) Suggestions, and c) Questions. 3. Iterate with my input until I confirm completion.”

This will massively improve your ChatGPT game.