One Day

One day, we will all just become a photo. We should do our best to leave a little more than that. This thought came to me as I read an article recently about a man dying of Parkinson’s, who was sitting at a desk surrounded by old sepier photos of previous generations.

A Landmark Case

In this age of GenAI, and what seemed to be the blatant and flagrant ignoring of copyright in the way OpenAI scooped up everything it could lay its hands on to build its ChatGPT model, this will be an extremely important landmark case to understand whether copyright actually means anything in this new age. Let’s… Continue reading A Landmark Case

Back to the future

Given that San Francisco is the home to some of the biggest, most transformative technology companies in the world, this bit of news about the transit system running off floppy disks seems astounding and hard to believe. Surely a joke?!

So much AI

Ethan Mollica’s advice is on the money. In a confusing space with lots of options, here’s some good, clear advice. Go for it. Play and learn.

Revolving CEOs

It will be interesting to see whether this gets the same political airtime as the Optus drama. I think most of us would argue that access to our funds in our bank would be just as critical as our phone service. Should Westpac be looking for a new CEO…? 🙂

Chaotic hype

The recent chaotic events at OpenAI have garnered a lot of commentary. It has certainly been interesting to see Microsoft’s approach to what was happening. What also becomes crystal clear is that the OpenAI board should pretty much accept that they have now become a big rubber stamp to whatever Sam Altman wants to do… Continue reading Chaotic hype