A Landmark Case

In this age of GenAI, and what seemed to be the blatant and flagrant ignoring of copyright in the way OpenAI scooped up everything it could lay its hands on to build its ChatGPT model, this will be an extremely important landmark case to understand whether copyright actually means anything in this new age. Let’s just put it this way… if I wrote a book which ended up in some product or other, I’d expect some sort of recognition of my copyright and some sort of due payment for using my material to make someone else money. I think that’s a pretty straightforward expectation that has been in place for some time and I don’t think GenAI changes that too much, so it’ll be interesting to see how the courts handle this. It looks like NYT is not only hitting OpenAI up for the breach of copyright but also for taking business away from them off the back of that breach. Should be very interesting. One thing is for sure… the NYT is not a soft target OpenAI can ignore or placate with some sort of minor payout. They have both financial heft and a big voice.