Moore’s Law

Another one of the giants goes. I sometimes wonder who is replacing them.

Interfaces Matter

When it comes to interfaces, simple things can make a big difference. I think the Hyundai approach here is instructive. Certain interface mechanisms have survived because they work. Replacing them with more technologically advanced mechanisms doesn’t always end up with a better result. I definitely see this with my Apple Watch versus my Garmin for… Continue reading Interfaces Matter

Look, Ma, no brakes.

Large tech companies resist any sort of regulation like the plague. There’s plenty of examples of the heights (depths?) they will go to in order to shake off any kind of oversight. One could argue that there are some good reasons to minimise regulation on innovative entities but moves like this from Microsoft (and they’re… Continue reading Look, Ma, no brakes.

IoT for Good?

It’s simple but effective. Great story about a little corporate dishonesty. I’m actually more than a little intrigued by this one because I was just pondering buying my new running shoes the other day from a manufacturer that says they have a strong commitment to recycling old shoes, of which I have several pairs. This… Continue reading IoT for Good?

Getting a Grip on ChatGPT

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke There’s something strangely unbalanced about the human reaction to a lot of new things, particularly things that the average person doesn’t fully understand. We tend to either over-react or under-react, seldom hitting just the right response. The recent wave of over-reaction regarding OpenAI’s… Continue reading Getting a Grip on ChatGPT


I just read another one this morning. A CEO who is letting go a huge chunk of their workforce and says that they are “accountable” for the situation having developed and having come to this. This word has been used multiple times by tech company CEOs in the past couple of months. In fact, it… Continue reading Accountability?

Planning is for Doing

Planning is an essential part of our daily lives, from personal to professional. It’s very difficult to really do any vaguely complex set of actions without some level of planning. It helps us organize our thoughts, prioritise tasks, and set goals for the future.  However, all the planning in the world is meaningless if it… Continue reading Planning is for Doing

Cool Hearings

As someone who has a couple of family members with hearing challenges, I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to these kinds of cool innovations coming down the line. One of my daughters has already figured out that her AirPods Pro provide some very useful assistance in certain environments, and it will be exciting… Continue reading Cool Hearings