An educational night out in London

Great lecture this evening at Gresham College by Marc Warner on Human-led AI. Very thought provoking. AI ethics will continue to be a hot topic as AI continues to embed itself further into our everyday lives.

BS and Hype – the AI way

This is a terrific piece by Michael Small – a concise and clear critique which slices through the hype and BS we’re exposed to every day about AI. What is most disturbing is that much of this hype is emanating from tech companies (yes, I’m definitely including OpenAI in this list) who really should know… Continue reading BS and Hype – the AI way

Regulation be damned

Another classic case of the ones with something to sell being the ones least interested in regulation? Imagine if we allowed pharmaceutical development in this kind of unfettered way? And, I guess, based on his definition, I’m an enemy. What twaddle.

Protection Racket

1,748 breaches in 2 years and not a single penalty?!? It’s a joke which I’ve noted before. What are we paying these people for?! And I’ll bet they’re collecting some serious salaries. Nothing will change until serious penalties are applied. It’s just that simple. I’m not sure if it’s ineptitude or something else, but this… Continue reading Protection Racket

Bunbury circle of madness

I have a feeling the roads people down in Bunbury may have been inspired by this design. If you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Driving under the radar

Most of us don’t think about this much, but it doesn’t take much thought to realise that this is actually quite worrying. I know my car requires a subscription account to manage certain features, etc. And once they have you linked to that vehicle in a very traceable way (my car also has a SIM… Continue reading Driving under the radar

WTF? Toothless Tigers Yet Abound

I find it more than a little disappointing that in spite of all the well-publicised data breaches, including now one related to charitable giving (I’m assuming I’ve probably been caught up in this one personally as well), the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OIAC) has apparently not prosecuted a single case or fined anyone… Continue reading WTF? Toothless Tigers Yet Abound

Swing Physics

Old school mathematical modelling. Don’t tell me you weren’t curious about this as a kid.

Crazy Genius

Sometimes crazy is not genius. It’s just crazy. The problem is obviously that’s not always easy to tell in the moment, and sometimes bank balances or past history obscure the truth.