Protection Racket

1,748 breaches in 2 years and not a single penalty?!? It’s a joke which I’ve noted before. What are we paying these people for?! And I’ll bet they’re collecting some serious salaries. Nothing will change until serious penalties are applied. It’s just that simple. I’m not sure if it’s ineptitude or something else, but this is just broken. If this is meant to be the group protecting our data privacy and rights, then they need a massive kick in the arse because this is beyond pathetic.

Driving under the radar

Most of us don’t think about this much, but it doesn’t take much thought to realise that this is actually quite worrying. I know my car requires a subscription account to manage certain features, etc. And once they have you linked to that vehicle in a very traceable way (my car also has a SIM card built in to facilitate information services and navigation), then all sorts of bad things are possible. I’m quite picky about using unsecured devices… just didn’t think my car was one of them!

WTF? Toothless Tigers Yet Abound

I find it more than a little disappointing that in spite of all the well-publicised data breaches, including now one related to charitable giving (I’m assuming I’ve probably been caught up in this one personally as well), the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OIAC) has apparently not prosecuted a single case or fined anyone yet. That’s just incredible. It kind of makes you wonder exactly what their mandate and job is, given the target rich environment in Australia right now. As the article says, until companies are held accountable for the way that they treat personal data, what will change? Right now, the main avenue of accountability seems to be class action law suits. It feels like a lot of the government angst over the big data breaches was just rhetoric.

Crazy Genius

Sometimes crazy is not genius. It’s just crazy.

The problem is obviously that’s not always easy to tell in the moment, and sometimes bank balances or past history obscure the truth.

Metaverse Musings

I love innovation and technology, so I tend to be generally optimistic about new ideas. But, anyone who knows me well would acknowledge that I was sceptical about the metaverse stuff right from the beginning. I was hearing all sorts of crazy predictions from consulting firms, Gartner, social media, everywhere… metaverse this, metaverse that… but to me it ALWAYS had a key flaw. It was never clear what problem the metaverse was the compelling answer for. And that always has to be somewhere in the mix of any new technology or the shiny object will just go the way of all shiny objects. Anyways, this is a very eye-opening read on the demise of the metaverse.